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DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!! BOYS AND GIRLS! Dance is on Tues. 3:30 in the gross motor room.  If you are interested please let the office know. 

GymnasticsSAMTASTIC GYMNASTICS:   Questions call
Sam Schaeffer

NATHAN (16)  TYLER (14)

TUITION CORNER: Per our tuition policy stated in the handbook, “TUITION PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.” In order for us to maintain our budget projections each month, we must have all accounts paid in full by the first of each month. No balance should be carried over to the next. If you are having financial difficulties, a payment arrangement must be agreed upon, in writing.  If delinquent there will be a $25 fee added to your bill for each month that payment is late.  Please review handbook if you have any questions.

BABYSITTING NIGHT: Saturday, September 19th. We babysit every third Friday. Unelss there is a special event or posted otherwise.

HAIRCUT DATE: Tuesday, September 15th. Miss Kim Preston is our hair stylist. . Remember that haircuts are always the third Tuesday of the month. Kim comes in the morning for the hair cuts so as to not miss the children in the evenings.

MUSIC MAN DAVE: Dave will be visiting us on Thursday,August 17th. Dave Farver will come by to dance and sing with us every third Thursday of the month, but during the summer he comes on Wednesday's because we are on field trips on Thursdays. Busy, Busy!!




Gymnastics: Contact Sam Schaeffer 314-487-7751


REMINDER:  PLEASE REMEMBER TO CODE IN YOUR I.D. NUMBER WHEN ENTERING THE BUILDING.  USING THE SIDE DOORS TO EXIT IS STRONGLY PROHIBITED. Please remember to close all gates both inside and outside the center. Children are not to be left unattended.


Jesus Ariel Romas Alvarenga is our 9 year old adobted boy from Honduras. We have received letters from him and we are sending letters and pictures to him. Simon Says is giving a monthly donation. If you would like to join us please contact Michele and she will give you the info.

UPCOMING EVENTS:Fall starts 8/17/15

HOLY NAME: .  The meetings are always held the 1st Monday of the month in the school cafeteria.

MADONNA GUILD: The meetings are always held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the church hall.

CENTER ALLERGIES:  Peanuts, tree nuts, dust mites, penicillin, gluten and eggs. Please refer to the Safe Snacks link on the welcome page.  

Dear God, I spend so much time reliving yesterday or anticipating tomorrow that I lose sight of the only time that is really mine – the present moment.
You give me today one moment at a time. That’s all I have – all I ever will have.
Give me the faith which knows that each moment contains exactly what is best for me.
Give me the hope which trusts you enough to forget past failings and future trials.
Give me the love which makes each moment an anticipation of eternity with you.
I ask this in the name of Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.


Parent Prayer

Oh, God, make me a better parent.
Help me to understand my children, to listen patiently to what they have to say and to answer all their questions kindly.  Keep me from interrupting them, talking back to them and contradicting them.  Make me as courteous to them as I would have them be to me.  Give me the courage to confess my sins against my children and ask of them forgiveness, when I know that I have done them wrong.
May I not vainly hurt the feelings of my children.  Forbid that I should laugh at their mistakes or resort to shame and ridicule as punishment.  Let me not tempt a child to lie and steal.  So guide me hour by hour that I may demonstrate by all I say and do that honesty produces happiness.
Reduce, I pray, the meanness in me.  May I cease to nag; and when I am out of sorts, help me, O Lord, to hold my tongue.
Blind me to the little errors of my children and help me to see the good things that they do.  Give me a ready work for honest praise.
Help me to treat my children as those of their own age, but let me not exact of them the judgments and conventions of adults.  Allow me not to rod them of the opportunity to wait upon themselves, to think, to choose, and to make decisions.
Forbid that I should ever punish them for my selfish satisfaction.  May I grant them all of their wishes that are reasonable and have the courage always to withhold a privilege which I know will do them harm.
Make me so fair and just, so considerate and companionable to my children that they will have a genuine esteem for me.  Fit me to be loved and imitated by my children.
With all thy gifts, O God, do give me calm and poise and self-control.



Infant (Jungle) Room

Love was in the air of the infant room this month! We got our final snuggles with Hank and big Brook now that they move onto the frog room. Taking over the big kids on campus title our sweet Caroline Christian and James all three are loving the lunch time together and Annie's fine fixin's.
Our sitters club has been founded by Declan, Kaylee, Grace and Landon! They're trying to train Maddie and Rylah, both are working very hard and soon will become members.
Our Tummy Time Club has found a proud leader in Little Brooke. She loves holding down the mat.… with her tummy of course.
Last, but certainly not least, Little Miss Rachel will soon pass her rookie torch on to our new friends Leo and Bram, who are eager to meet! Stay tuned for the latest

If you ever have any questions, or just wondering how your little one’s day is going, feel free to call us at 314-842-3848 ext. 305

Ms. Jenny Koeln, Mrs. Angela Horvath, Mrs. Erin Varvaro and Miss Hannah Cordes

jungle 1



Frog 1 and 2

February was a festive month for the froggy 2 room! Thanks to all the parents who contributed to make a great valentines fast party for our froggys. We exchanged valentines, ate some sweet snacks, and danced. It also brought some changes as well. Ms. Jenny left to work the infant room and we welcome Ms. Genevieve into our room. We also had Nate and Charlie moving up to the fishy room, and wrapped up the month with a farewell pizza party for Dominic's last week here at Simon says. You all will be missed! 
               See you next month! 

  Until next month……

Miss Stephanie, Ms. Genevieve, Miss Liz, Miss Jenny and Miss Hannah

See you next month!



Wow, what a fast month! February has come and gone, and we were so busy learning and having fun! We had bright and sunny weather, a snow day, and everything in between! We're looking forward to warmer weather ahead.
We started our months learning about the letter R and discussing different children's books. We read some favorite such as one Fish, two fish, redfish, bluefish and made our own handprint fish! We love the coconut bowling after reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
Next, we prepared for our Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day celebrations! We got to go on a parade, mail love letters, and we had so much fun in our party! We love decorating cookies and dancing away! We continued the month by talking about our presidents! We really like learning all about our different coins and it was really cool when it we got to clean them! We learned about the letter and, played with Chinese noodles, and did a fun science experiment about our sense of smell! So fun!!
Last, we finish the month learning about dental hygiene and germs! We even got to go on our first field trip to the Dental theater. We loved riding the bus like the big kids! We practiced brushing and flossing her teeth, went over the correct method of handwashing, and our favorite activity was glitter germs! We saw how easy it is to spread germs and learned the importance of taking care of ourselves.
We had so much fun and stay busy and cold February. We look forward to warmer weather, and preparing for Easter! Remember to check your child's cubby for weather appropriate clothes/jackets

Til next month.
 Mrs. Amanda and Kristin





Spring is almost in the air here in the butterfly room! We can blast to have a few days of beautiful weather that allowed us to venture outside, and we were so grateful for that!
The first week of February our theme was Children's Books and Authors. We discussed authors like Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and A.A. Milne. We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and made a giant alphabet tree for the classroom, we read The Giving Tree and counted out aple seeds, and made some super yummy puppy chow after reading Go Dog, Go! We also talked about some new words we learned, like "author" and "illustration." What a fun week!
The second week of February our theme was Mardi Gras and Valentines. We talked about what Lent means, and how we can make a special promise for the 40 days of Lent to try to be better friends to each other. We attended a Fat Tuesday party at St. Simon, decked out in beads and masks, and we won prizes and had a yummy pretzel snack!
That week we also talked about Valentine's Day! We read Olive, My Love, sorted conversation hearts into groups by color, and made beautiful cotton ball hearts at the art table! On Friday we had a fancy Valentines dance, where we decorated cookies, got our faces painted, and danced the afternoon away with our friends! We loved it!
The third week of February our theme was presidents. We learned all about the Liberty Bell, then made one at the art table. We talked about presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant, and his famous Grant's Farm. We also looked at different types of money, and the different presidents that are on them. We had a voting booth in our classroom, where the kids got to vote for the "Class President!"  Congratulations, President Eddie Froelich!
The last week of February, our theme was Dental Hygiene and Germs. We made our own "toothpaste paint" with blue and white paint, peppermint oil, and white glitter. It really smelled like real toothpaste! We also went on a fun field trip to the Dental Theatre! We learned all about healthy vs unhealthy foods, learned how to properly brush our teeth, and then talked about the importance of exercise. In our classroom, we put on a special lotion called Glo Germ, and then wash our hands. When we were finished, we held our hands under a black light, and all the places that we missed with the soap on her hands GLOWED! We then knew what parts of our hands we need to focus on! It was so cool!
We know that Mother Nature may be trying to trick us, but please continue to send heavy coats to school with your kids!
We are holding our First Annual Sand Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, May 7 at Concord! See us for more details!

See you next month!

Miss Anne and Miss Denise


We kicked off February with the letter R and learning about some of our favorite books and authors. We read Jan Brett's, the mitten, and made our own mitten and animals to retell the story. Dr. Seuss is always a favorite with fish sorting and cleaning up the cat in the hat's mess! We played with ice cubes and mittens in the sensory table and build igloos.
Next we celebrated 2 holidays this week.  Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day. On fat Tuesday we went to the St. Simon's carnival. We play games, one prizes, and ate yummy pretzels.  We also cook our own king cakes. For Valentine's Day, we mailed cards to our friends, made a candle lit dinner, and learns to play X's and O's tick tack toe.  Friday was our Valentines day dance. They got to decorate and eat heart cookies and make a love bug, got their faces painted, and dance their hearts out!
For Presidents' Day we learned about our president and about some of our greatest presidents. We made Abraham Lincoln's face, played a penny flip game, and build Abe Lincoln's log cabin. Our letter of the week was N. We decorated news paper hats, played nail salon, hammered nails, and played with our Nerf balls. We also cut newspaper in the sensory table.
Our last week of February we learned about the letter N, and dental hygiene and germs. We painted with toothbrushes, played pass the toothpaste, dressed up like dentists, and learned about healthy foods for our teeth. We went on a field trip to the Dental theater and learned about how to take really good care of our teeth. We talked about germs and how to keep clean and how to not spread our germs.  We practiced washing babies and our clothes. We also wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. Hopefully she writes us back soon!

Mrs. Jill Croft and Ms. Amy Forbeck

Mrs. Jill Croft and Ms. Amy Forbeck






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