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DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!! BOYS AND GIRLS! Dance is on Tues. 3:30 in the gross motor room.  If you are interested please let the office know. 

GymnasticsSAMTASTIC GYMNASTICS:   Questions call
Sam Schaeffer

TUITION CORNER: Per our tuition policy stated in the handbook, “TUITION PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.” In order for us to maintain our budget projections each month, we must have all accounts paid in full by the first of each month. No balance should be carried over to the next. If you are having financial difficulties, a payment arrangement must be agreed upon, in writing.  If delinquent there will be a $25 fee added to your bill for each month that payment is late.  Please review handbook if you have any questions.

BABYSITTING NIGHT: Friday September 19th. Most months we babysit every third Friday. Check your calendars for the upcoming Holiday babysitting schedule. Staff will be babysitting every weekend to try to help our families get through this CRAZY time of year!

HAIRCUT DATE: Tuesday, September 16th. Miss Kim Preston is our hair stylist. . Remember that haircuts are always the third Friday of the month. Kim comes in the morning for the hair cuts so as to not miss the children in the evenings.

MUSIC MAN DAVE: Dave will be visiting us on Thursday, September 18th at 9:30am. Dave Farver will come by to dance and sing with us every third Thursday of the month, but during the summer he comes on Wednesday's because we are on field trips on Thursdays. Busy, Busy!!



YOGA CLASSES: Will resume inthe fall!

Gymnastics: Contact Sam Schaeffer 314-487-7751


REMINDER:  PLEASE REMEMBER TO CODE IN YOUR I.D. NUMBER WHEN ENTERING THE BUILDING.  USING THE SIDE DOORS TO EXIT IS STRONGLY PROHIBITED. Please remember to close all gates both inside and outside the center. Children are not to be left unattended.


Jesus Ariel Romas Alvarenga is our 9 year old adobted boy from Honduras. We have received letters from him and we are sending letters and pictures to him. Simon Says is giving a monthly donation. If you would like to join us please contact Michele and she will give you the info.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Simon Says Trivia Night November 15th.

HOLY NAME: .  The meetings are always held the 1st Monday of the month in the school cafeteria.

MADONNA GUILD: The meetings are always held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the church hall.

CENTER ALLERGIES:  Peanuts, tree nuts, dust mites, penicillin, gluten and eggs. Please refer to the Safe Snacks link on the welcome page.  


Infant (Jungle) Room

jungle 1

Summer has ended, and the infant room is gearing up for a fun-filled year! The babies will miss Ms. Gina & Miss T, but are quickly getting to know their new teachers, Mrs. Liz & Miss Kristin. Everyone is adjusting well together!We look forward to working with these precious babies and watching them grow into curious toddlers.  Our days are already filled with lots of snuggles, laughs, kisses, playing, sleeping, eating and of course the occasional blow out :) We enjoy dancing to music, working on tummy-time and playing outside when we can!
It is going to be a fun and busy year in our room and we couldn’t be excited!  We can’t wait to get to know these awesome babies and their families.  Please remember to sign in and out every day, and check out our parent board for news. 

Our Trivia Night is November 15th, don’t forget to sign up! 

Until next month…
Mrs. Liz & Miss Krisitn




Welcome all to the 2014-15 Fish Room! fish

We are all so excited towelcome our new friends, friends who have moved up from the Frog 2 and friends who have just started Simon Says!
We had such a great start to our school year.  These first few weeks we’ve been focusing on getting settle in our classroom routines.  Our main priority is potty training so we’ve been visiting the potty quit frequently, and going over (and over and over) bathroom etiquette, (no playing, how to wipe, how to wash hands etc.)
We start our academic day with Circle Time, so we are adjusting to sitting, controlling our bodies, counting and learning how to spell our names.  It’s a slow progression but we are getting there!
Our themes these last two weeks included, “Getting to Know You” and “Colors and Shapes.”  Please visit our silhouette Gallery in our hallway, help your kiddo play the “Guess Who” game!  We talked quite a bit about folder games.  We are also working on raising our hands at the table and asking to be excused from the table.  We are learning lots!  Our “Special Friend” aka “Grandparent Breakfast” is Friday, September 5th 8:30-10:00 in the Lower Church Hall.  We will also be having our Parent Orientation meeting Thursday, September 11th at 7:00.  This meeting is intended for parents only please.
 A couple of other notes: please make sure that your child has ample clothing in their cubby.  These little guys are still learning and accidents happen!  Two extra outfits would be great (including socks)  Hair bows, clips and ponytails-we try to grab them is we see them playing with them or if they are on the floor but we can’t possibly keep track of what belongs to who…Wear with caution. 
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to pull one of us aside or call 314-842-3848 ext. 304
Until next month!
Mrs. Amanda Moran, Mrs. Erin Varvaro, & Miss Melissa Egan


The year has started off wonderful and we are already learning so much! We started off by talking about our friends and teachers and getting to know everyone.  We built with BIG blocks, played at the work station, and played with cars in the garage.  We drew pictures of ourselves, made chain families, and did tracings of our bodies in the art area.  We loved playing in the sensory table with our animal families in pine shavings.  We were able to use able to use our imagination in dramatic play while we played school, dressed up and even had a beauty parlor.  It was such a blast playing with all our friends old and new!

The last week of August was about colors, shapes and patterns. We reviewed our colors, did a lot of fun color patterns, and even made a favorite color graph during group time.  In the BIG block area we did colorful foam blocks, colored brick blocks, hopscotch, and cup stacking!  It was so cool to build the cups really high and then knock them down and start over again.  We also introduced handwriting without tears program and learned how to make and write the letter C.  Please remember to check our art folders daily to see the different things we make and do!  We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves at all the awesome things we accomplish!

We would like to Welcome our new friends; Suzannah, Finn and Luke!  Wear are all very happy you are here! 
Don’t forget Show-n-Share is on Wednesdays and ALWAYS wear tennis shoes to school everyday!

Trivia Night is coming up…Saturday, November 15th.  GET A TABLE!!!

Thank you!
Miss Jenny Koeln, Mrs. Jill Croft & Miss Tori Belgeri




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