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Samtastic Gymnastics

WHERE: "Simon Says Preschool"  11015 Mueller Rd.

Classes held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, morning and afternoon.  Class schedule is subject to change as class rosters change.  Please dress in appropriate gym clothes for class day.  No jeans, dresses, or tights, please. 

Class schedules available at Simon Says office.  There are set sessions (8 weeks), but if there are openings available students can join the class at any time and fees will be set according to the number of classes left in the session.




Call Sam Schaeffer at 314-602-3155

All participants need to fill out an information and permission slip to fill insurance requirements.  Please be sure I always have current information.


Fish Room / Latch Key (2 year old thru school age)
45 minute classes
Sesson Fees:  $

Toddler room
30 minute classes
Session Fees:  $


$10 LATE FEE APPLIES if payment is received AFTER DUE DATES.

If you should need other billing arrangements, please call me to set it up.

If interested in classes twice a week, please call for more information.

$25 Annual Insurance Fee & Registration Fee due for everyone by August 27th for the Fall Sessions.

Once enrolled, I will assume your child is participating in the next gymnastics session until otherwise notified from a parent.

Checks payable to Samtastic Gymnastics, Inc. or cash is accepted in a marked envelope and can be placed inthe check box at Simon Says.

MISSION STATEMENT: To teach locomotors and perceptual motor development, rhythms and educational gymnastics, in a safe, fun environment, that increases the Child's self-confidence in a positive way.